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Free Forex Robots Program for Traders: FAQ

If the robots offered are free, how good can they be?

Allow us to answer that question with a question. How good can a robot be when the developer isn’t willing to allow you the opportunity to put it to the test it before you buy it? We believe that in the world of forex trading perceived value can’t begin to compare to actual hands-on experience.

On a random basis just about any well structured robot will generate a profit some of the time. The challenge for the trader is to find the right mix of variables to optimize a given robot’s profit potential. The success of any robot, therefore, will depend on any number of variables including:

  • currency pair
  • volatility
  • time of day
  • risk management

What exactly is the free forex robots program?

FxSpyder eliminates the need to ever pay for a trading robot sight unseen. All robots in our program are available as free downloads and can be tested indefinitely. If you elect to use a robot in live trading, depending on the broker you select, you will be able to continue to use that robot for free if you open an account with a qualifying broker.

Can I use these robots in my demo account?

Yes. You may test any or all of the robots appearing in our robot vault using any FxSpyder related demo account, free of charge, for as long as you desire.

Can I backtest these robots?

Yes. You may backtest using the FxBTStation.

Who created these robots?

All of the robots appearing in our vault were developed by independent programmers who have contracted with FxSpyder to make them available to FxSpyder users. Anyone can create a robot and submit it to be included in the program. For more information about possible participation visit the developers section.

Can the robots you offer be customized?

It depends on the developer but most are more than willing to modify their robots to accommodate you.

How do I gain access to these robots?

Once you have signed up as an FxSpyder user, downloaded, and installed the trading platform, all you have to do is download them. Visit the Robot Vault.

Can I trust the security of these robots?

Every robot in our vault has been tested to ensure that it may be used safely in FxSpyder.

Can I use these robots to trade a live trading account?

Yes, but only if you register through us to activate a special FxSpyder-FXCM trading account. If you are a new trader you may do that here. If you are an existing FXCM client you will have to submit a registration request through our Help Desk.

Is there a difference between free robots and those offered for sale elsewhere?

The quality of any robot is independent of the price you pay for it. We believe the most important feature of any robot offering is the ability to download and test it free of charge.

Can I profit from creating robots?

Yes, for more information visit the developers section.

I have been using a robot developed for a different trading platform but it isn’t written in JavaScript so it isn’t compatible with FxSpyder. Can you convert it for me?

If you developed it, our programming staff will be more than happy to convert it for you. Please contact them with your specific request through our Help Desk.

If the robot you are using was developed by a third party, you will need to contact them and then have them contact us. We will be more than happy to handle the conversion internally or provide your developer with the information they will need to do it themselves.

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