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Forex Robot Developer’s Program

As a developer, what’s in this for me?

Forex robot developers, especially those selling scripts (robots) on their own websites, know all too well that conversion rates are extremely low and there is a very good reason for that. Traders are reluctant to buy anything sight unseen. Offering traders the opportunity to test your robot in demo mode, you altogether eliminate that overriding concern.

Eliminating this obstacle to the buying decision, you also realize the following benefits and assurance.

  • A Potential Income Stream You generate a continuous income stream should a trader elect to use your robot in conjunction with a qualifying, live trading account.
  • Market Penetration. Offering traders unrestricted access and use of your robot in demo mode will allow you to reach far more clients than by any other means.
  • Security. Since your robot will be offered freely to all in demo mode, there is little incentive for anyone to reverse engineer it, let alone search for a reverse engineered version of it. This being said, all robots submitted for use via FxSpyder are encrypted so it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to replicate it.

I have already created a JavaScript based robot. How do I join the program?

Sign up for a demo account and then submit it our Robot Programming Department.

What if I want to participate but do not know how to translate my existing robot into JavaScript or lack the programming skills to develop a script?

If you are not familiar with JavaScript but have an idea for a robot, just submit your idea to our Robot Programming Department and we will create the required script for you. All live account members receive a 50% discount on custom programming services.

Do I have to open a live trading account to join the developer program?

No, only a demo account is necessary.

Do you offer a method to backtest robots?

Yes. You may backtest using the FxBTStation.

Can I protect my source code?

Yes. The FxScript Editor includes a high level encryption tool.

Are scalping robots allowed?

Yes, our current broker relationship for real accounts allows any strategy, including scalping.

What happens after I submit a robot to FxSpyder?

Our development team will test your script to ensure it can be used safely. Once validated your script be subsequently posted in the Robot Vault.

What is FxSpyder's policy regarding customization requests?

If a trader requests changes be made to your robot, the request will be forwarded to you and, should you elect to accommodate the request, we will be more than happy to publish the customized version in our vault and you will continue to earn money should that trader or any trader elect to use it for live trading.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to join or submit existing scripts (robots) to be included in our free robots program.

If I have additional questions, where should I direct them?

As a participating member you have access to our Developer’s Forum. Any question’s you wish to remain private may be submitted to the attention of our Robot Programming Department.

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