Independent Forex Trading

Platform Features*

Enhanced Order Protection

FxSpyder’s proprietary “Soft Orders” ensure that all pending orders remain hidden, which put you as the trader, at an extreme advantage compared to visible pending orders.

Spot Trading

As a multi-purpose platform, FxSpyder not only supports the traditional marketmaker trading model , it also accommodates Electronic Communications Network (ECN) and Non Dealing Desk** (NDD) capabilities where orders are matched with other participants. If a dealer offers an API, we can accommodate it.

Signal System

The FxSpyder trading platform includes an integrated signaling system.

Experienced traders offering trading advisories have, to date, had to rely on either email or online conferencing rooms to deliver signals to their subscribers. Email has proven itself to be an inherently inefficient and ineffective communications technology for day trade signal providers largely because by the time a signal is received, the opportunity to take advantage of a move in the market has long come and gone. The delivery of signals via an online conference room is far more efficient but the cost of running a conference room can be exceedingly expensive.

FxSpyder’s embedded signal component enables signal providers the means to deliver trade recommendations directly to subscribers’ desktops in a fraction of a second (depending on the end user’s Internet connection). What is more, subscribers can place a corresponding order immediately thereafter with a single click of their mouse.

Trading signals, delivered via FxSpyder’s proprietary signal application, are a direct benefit to those who can’t devote the time needed to stay abreast of the market. To take advantage of this technological advancement subscribers have only to install the program on their computer. When the signal provider makes a call, the signal appears as a popup on their desktop. The user may then click the popup to link directly to an order entry window. In the end the entire process takes but a few seconds.

For the professional trader wishing to offer signals, the process is just as simple. All the caller has to do is buy/sell just as he normally would and the signals are immediately sent to their subscribers. As an added feature, the module includes an online back office that affords the caller an efficient way to manage subscriptions.

For signal subscribers FxSpyder also offers independent signal verification. Every caller signal is recorded and displayed so users are in a better position to examine the performance and track records of enrolled providers.

Select from various subscription programs such as a single flat monthly fee or pay for performance.

  • Flat Fee Subscription – pay a single fee each month to receive unlimited signals.
  • Pay for Performance – only pay for profitable trades and for a profitable month.
  • Subscription rates and terms vary and are created by the signal caller.
To find out more about the signal module please view the two minute video located here.


FxSpyder uses the popular and easy to learn – JavaScript programming language for autotrading and custom script development. Included with FxSpyder are sample scripts, step by step tutorials and a one-click snippet feature for automatic insertion of code. Using our feature rich script editor, with function hints and a complete reference library, you can create robots in a matter of minutes.


Over the past ten years the interest in forex autotrading has increased at an exponential rate but the technologies supporting robot development have remained the exclusive domain of the professional programmer. Lacking requisite programming skills, the average trader has, therefore, had no choice but to rely on third party providers to develop their automated trading strategies. This, however, is about to change.

FxSpyder will soon introduce FxEZWrite™, a plain language, drag and drop platform utility that will enable even the most technologically challenged trader the means to develop sophisticated trading robots without knowing the first thing about computer programming. A beta version of the application will soon be made available to our clients.

Fixed Options Trading

FxSpyder is the first forex trading platform to offer both spot and fixed options trading in a single integrated application. Fixed options provide the trader a simplistic approach to the options market and afford the trader a number of advantages which are explained in our fixed options flash tutorial:
  • Fixed options offer defined risks and rewards, so no margin account is required.
  • Can be traded on a standalone basis.
  • Can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of stop losses to hedge spot trades and, thereby, control trading risks.
  • Can be used to write (offer) and sell options to other traders.
  • No slippage; no requotes. What you see is what you get.
  • Can be traded 24/7.

*Not all features are available in all versions of FxSpyder.

**Please note FXCM Micro in its discretion may or may not offset individual transactions unlike transactions in most FXCM Standard accounts.

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