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If you are a successful trader generating 100 pips or more in profit every month, you should seriously consider offering signal services. You will not only create an ongoing supplementary income stream, you will be helping others.

To begin, the first thing you need to do is register for a signal caller version of FxSpyder. (Check “Display my user name in public contests”). The only real difference between the caller version and the standard version is the signal check box that appears in the lower left hand corner of the “New Order” window. View video.

When you submit an order with that box checked four things happen.

  • The order appears as a popup advisory to those subscribers who are online at the time the order is executed;
  • The order is recorded by FxSpyder and displayed in the “Traders” tab just above the chart window on the trading platform; (in default layout)
  • The order is combined with previous orders to update your trading record; and
  • FxSpyder confirms subscriber signal receipt and updates your subscriber’s pay-for-performance balance sheet if, in fact, you have any pay-for-performance subscribers.

Why send signals through FxSpyder?

  • A turn key business opportunity, our integrated back office accounting system eliminates the administrative hassle. We process subscriptions, cancellations, and dispersals so you can concentrate on what you do best – trading.
  • Using FxSpyder signal transmissions component eliminates the need to do anything out of the ordinary. You only have to check a single box to send signals to your subscribers every time you place an order. View video.
  • Eliminates the time, cost and inefficiencies associated with online conferencing and/or email.
  • It’s cost effective. You pay nothing upfront. FxSpyder simply deducts a 20% administrative fee at the end of each calendar month.
  • Working with FxSpyder you get free advertising.
  • You can transmit signals either in demo or live trading mode.

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There are literally hundreds of traders offering signal services but only a small handful of them have expressed an interest in getting their trading records verified by a neutral third party. We know this because we have extended invitations to several hundred of them to transmit their trading signals through FxSpyder. To date, only a half dozen have taken us up on the offer.

So why should you consider subscribing to a signal service provider registered with FxSpyder?

  • Transparency. Their trading records have been and will continue to be verified and displayed for all to see. View video.
  • The signals you receive are instantaneous. When a caller sends a signal and you have the FxSpyder platform application open, it appears on your desktop in the form of a popup window.
  • You have options. You can sign up for unlimited signals on a monthly basis or opt in on a pay-for-performance basis.

To get started all you have to do is examine the trading records of those providers who have chosen to have their trading records verified. To do that all you have to do is register for an FxSpyder demo account. After you sign in, just click on the Signal Subscriptions tab at the top of your profile page.

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