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We have all heard of the phrase – survival of the fittest, where strong genes are passed on from generation to generation, while the weak ones do not. For example, the cheetah ensures that it passes on genes which continue to make it the fastest land animal reaching speeds of up to 120 km/h.

What if you could apply genetics to forex trading? With the ability to create strategies with characteristics such as:

  • Maximum Net Profit
  • Maximum Win-to-Loss ratio
  • Minimum Account Drawdown
  • Minimum Trade Loss
  • Minimum Consecutive Losses
FxSpyder’s strategy research tool, FxBTStation provides the ability to create “genetically engineered” strategies by applying a proprietary algorithm. Once you try it, you will never want to trade a strategy without first testing its fitness for survival in the forex market.

Tick Data Integrity

The tick database included with the FxBTStation is of commercial quality, void of gaps, spikes and unnatural pricing anomalies, thus, representing tradable market data in accurate form. Included with the FxBTStation is an integrated data downloader that enables you to update the forex tick database every week.

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