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Candlestick Pattern Recognition Robot

The candlestick pattern recognition robot automatically detects the most popular candlestick patterns and places trades according to your custom settings. The image below represents a screenshot of the primary parameters available for customization:


Automated Candlestick Trading

  • Select the desired currency pair and chart compression.
  • Monitor up to 21 single and multiple candlestick patterns in real time.
  • Enable trade confirmation and order settings.

That’s it! The candlestick robot will monitor the selected candlestick patterns in real time and when detected, will place trades accordingly.

Get it while its free...

The candlestick robot is currently available for free to all demo users and to qualified real 

account holders.

Qualifying Accounts for Free Robot Use

  • FxSpyder-FXCM Real Account with a minimum deposit of only $300.
  • FxSpyder-Oanda Real Account with an active FxSpyder-Oanda subscription.

Download and Installation Instructions

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